Three-State Sheet Cake

This cake should come with a warning! It is delicious and addictive, and it is really hard to eat just one piece, regardless of the size of the piece. It would also be wonderful with a scoop of peppermint ice cream on top. 🙂 … More Three-State Sheet Cake


Company Lasagna

I was in high school when I began my long and lustful relationship with lasagna. For more than 45 years I have been searching for a recipe that could satisfy my lasagna urges. When I serve lasagna I want my guests to take a bite of my steaming, cheesy pasta casserole and say…nothing! I have figured out that when food is REALLY good the table conversation stops for a minute while everyone eats and then you can hear murmurs of appreciation and requests for seconds. … More Company Lasagna

Saving Summer

The first freeze dropped in at our farm a couple of weeks ago but our winter lettuce was tucked snuggly into its warm home. We had some frost on October 16 but the first hard freeze arrived on October 26th.  That’s not early for our area but I don’t think I am ever really prepared … More Saving Summer

Applesauce Dreams

Applesauce is easy to make but it takes some time and stamina. The repetition allowed my mind to wander (there is a lot of time to think when you are cutting, coring, and stirring a bushel of apples) and I thought of apple crisp so I saved the last several apples for an apple crisp. I included the apple crisp recipe also, it was delicious! … More Applesauce Dreams